5 Adventurous Date Ideas in Surrey

Dating, who says it has to be all candle lit dinners and romantic strolls? If you want to inject some life into date night, Surrey is the place to go! There's a huge variety of adventurous activities to bond you closer with someone special. Adventurous dates are a great way to shake nerves and let your guard down! We've carefully selected our favourite activities that make for fun dates that you'll always remember! From trampoline parks to some classic mini golf, once you've been on a date like this, you'll never want to go back to a boring cinema date again!



Airhop is one of the first trampoline parks in the UK and it's been hugely popular since it's launch- odds are your date will have heard of AirHop and you'll get some immediate brownie points for arranging such a unique date! Found in Guildford, Airhop is easy to get to and it's only a twenty minute walk from Guildford train station and has great connection with public transport! A date here will certainly be memorable and it's the best way to shake off any unwanted nerves! You can enjoy all aspects of the park in your session. To get you warmed up, bounce in the free jump area that has over 50 interconnected trampolines that even span across the walls! When you're feeling braver head over to the foam pit where you can test out some new tricks- this is a great way to get up close and personal and 'guide' each other on the best techniques, you can also get lost in the foam pit together- how romantic! There's a dodgeball area which is perfect for some flirtatious competition and Airhop wouldn't be complete without some basketball hoops to slam dunk! You'll be feeling sky high in no time and we're certain you won't want this experience to end! Airhop is open 7 days a week and you can even book a late night bounce! At last a date where you're stomach doing flips is a good thing! This is a great way for you to connect with your date, leave the serious stuff for later, this is all about having a good time! For more information and to reserve a space, visit the website: http://airhoptrampolinepark.com/

Craggy Island

Craggy Island

Switch up your usual date night night plans for something with a little more adrenaline packed in! Craggy Island is one of the best rock climbing studios in Surrey and you can enjoy lots of unique climb routes, from beginners to advanced; you'll love challenging yourself! Work together to build a bond! There's no time for nerves here, get stuck in and soar to new heights on this adventurous date! You can sign up for a class if you're new to climbing or if you're feeling confident, you can free climb! Trained staff are always present and you'll get prepped before and during your climb. If one of you is at the base, you'll have to work together as you abseil down and you'll discover that you build trust with your date quickly which is a fantastic way to bring you closer, on and off the climbing wall! An activity that requires so much attention means there won't ever be an awkward silence, you'll be encouraging each other and you'll feel amazing when you've accomplished the course and reached the top! Not only is this a brilliantly fun activity but it's also an amazing workout which means you'll be releasing lots of mood boosting endorphins! Here's to happy dates! If all goes well, it could an idea to get yourselves booked in again, take it up as a hobby and see how much you can improve! Book online now and find out more at: http://www.craggy-island.com/

Paintballing at Bullswood Skirmish

Get your game face on and be prepared to shoot, dive, hide and battle your way to victory! At Bullswood Skirmish you and your date can go paintballing! How's that for adventure? Enjoy the themed games on Zombie Crypt, Wild West Town and Call of Duty. Games can be more fun with larger groups so why not bring some of your friends along? It will be a great way to bond you closer together and it makes for a fantastic day out! Dating doesn't have to be serious, loosen up and have fun doing things you enjoy! The 30 acre forest is one mile from Lingfield and is easy to find! If paintballing isn't your thing you can choose an outdoor lasertag date or pigeon clay shooting! Heart rates will definitely be soaring and sharing tactics on how to blast out your enemies makes for a surprisingly good ice breaker! You'll be provided with the most up to date equipment and have protection to keep your safe! Entry, lunch and refreshments are all part of your fee and you can top up on pellets as you go! This is a brilliant way to show your date your adventurous, thrill seeking side and if you're both big on gaming- you'll never want the day to end! Booking in advance is essential so to sign up and book your place visit: http://www.bullswood.com/

Jungle Island Adventure Golf

Jungle Island Adventure Golf

The words in the title! Enjoy an adventurous date at Jungle Island with your partner! It's such a cute idea and you can have bets on the winner! At Jungle Island you can get lost in the theme, look out for the Gorillas and Crocodiles as you make your way through the course! The design is brilliant and as you meander through the bridges and across the streams, you'll love every minute! Everyone's a kid at heart and it's hugely popular for both children and adults alike and it's dating heaven! It's definitely something a little different and we'd pick this over dinner and movies any time! It's a flirty date and you can really live up to the cliches- we're talking about the classic golfing technique of course! Choosing minigolf will be a brilliant way to show off your playful side and it will get you both talking more than a usual dinner date would. The course is open throughout the year and there's a clubhouse that you can cosy up in after, enjoy one of their infamous monster burgers or in warmer weather treat yourself to an ice cream as you relive your winning puts! Found in Epson, you'll find it with ease as it has excellent links to the M25! There's no need to book, just turn up and you can get started straight away! Will you get an all in one? Find out more on the website: http://hortonparkgolf.com/jungle-adventure-golf/

Sandown Park Racetrack

Sandown Park Racetrack

Get in the fast lane and get your hearts racing as you accelerate to fleeting speed! Sandown Daytona race track is the ultimate place to take your date for a memorable day. Unleash your inner adrenaline junkie! There's two courses available, the GP circuit which takes you on a 900m drive with 8 corners to overcome or perhaps get warmed up on the Indy circuit, the perfect place to get competitive with 5 spine chilling corners over a 475m course. The track is found just off the A3 in Esher and it's only 13 miles from central London. With the speedy straights and challenging corners you won't be forgetting this thrilling date any time soon! You don't need to own a driving license to enjoy racing, you'll be kitted out in high quality gear and be prepped before you're let loose on the track! This is great for both beginners and enthusiasts and is an experience to bond you together. Organising this date will show that you've put a lot of thought into the day and seeking a thrill from racing against one another is certainly a lot more exciting than sitting in your local pub! The track is open 7 days a week but booking is essential, to find out more and reserve a space, log on to the website: https://www.daytona.co.uk/venues/sandown/index.php

Date Ideas in Surrey

So there you have the top 5 adventurous date ideas from Surrey! Dating really doesn't need to be so serious and when you've got so many options right on your doorstep, there's no excuse not to put a little more energy and thought into date night! Adventurous dates will not only bond you together quicker than a usual movie, or meal but you'll both show your true colours as you'll be so distracted by the task at hand, you'll forget all about your dating worries or nerves! It's time to spice up your date night! What are you waiting for?

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